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Local Vegetable Market Hub: Welcome To Oddanchatram 

Dear visitor welcome onboard,

I am sure you have a decent soft corner for vegetables and nature that is why we are on the same page to know more about each other.  Oddanchatram is more than a town and has a beautiful location in the side end of Palani hills that is so close to nature. If you ever have a change of visiting over here you will enjoy it’s scenic view and stunning background of Western Ghats. Let me take you to every single prospect of this excellent town and through some insights on Who we are? And What we serve?

A quick Snapshot of Oddanchatram Town: –

Oddanchatram is a small town area located in Dindigul district, TamilNadu, India. Town has a population which is roughly estimated around 85,000 out of which around 71% of people are considered literate. This place is famous for considering the larger vegetable market as well as curd marker. Due to this, the town is considered as a business hub for local people and famous for export services. With the total area of 13.05 Sq. Km this town attracts a wide range of exchange centers. Oddanchatram is served with excellent transport facilities and this place has immersed as a strong business center. The face is due to excellent climate conditions people love to enjoy this palace and it suits there need to business as well and mental peace.  With a beautiful view of the landscape and an upper hand in technology, this place is a small pack with all facilities. We are proud on our self to call it as our hometown.

Oddanchatram- As Vegetable Market Hub

As we have discussed a lot about the good climate conditions which is an indication of how this climate plays an important role in farming of wide range of vegetables, which are supplied to almost every part of the country. Farming is one of major occupation over this place which ensures vegetable market has a huge number of possibilities of maintaining inventory for all kind of vegetables. Farmers get good value for their product and they face less transport and procuring cost of selling these products in local mandi-house. With these kinds of conditions, this marketplace has a list of vegetables with most economical rates. Not only vegetables but people also sell flowers to the same marketplace. Middleman job is almost cut at this place and a nearby village and town area’s farmers come here personally to sell their stuff. This cost-cutting has a huge advantage over end user and the inflation rate is maintained due to this to a large extent.

Daily Updated Price of Commodities – 

It is very hard to maintain to verify the price of commodities, which are being sold in the marketplace. To overcome this general problem we have introduced that help the end user to cross-check the price list each day. The expert goes directly into the market by each day and cross check with each supplier maintains this price list. The purpose of these price lists to give transparent and clear information to end-users. This marketplace is too big for a layman to walk through and get an idea of prices. So instead he/she can simply go through the portal and check the commodity with the update price.

We have a list of the product such as Lemon, Tomato, Onion, Bellary, Beans, Lady Finger and much more are the list of vegetable of which you can get the latest price on the list. Oddanchatram market vegetable price list is something, which serves a wide range of audience daily onwards. You can also have the liability to compare the current prices with the old one.  These price lists are maintained daily onwards so there would not be any issues to find the desired vegetable with the current price. The page is maintained in Tamil as well as English to make it easier for local residents.

Here is the detailed list of vegetables for which we update price daily. There are even more vegetables, which are being sold from this market price, but these 50 vegetables are on higher demand in terms of daily sale and export.

List of Vegetables:

  1. Lemon/எலுமிச்சை
  2. Tomato/தக்காளி
  3. Small Onion /சிறிய வெங்காயம்
  4. Bellary/பெல்லாரி
  5. Beans/பீன்ஸ்
  6. Carrot/கேரட்
  7. Lady Finger/வெண்டைக்காய்
  8. Tree Drumstick/மரம் முருங்கை
  9. Plant Drumstick/செடி முருங்கை
  10. Green Pulses/பச்சை பயிறு
  11. White Pulses/வெள்ளை பயிறு
  12. Zucchini/சுரைக்காய்
  13. White Pumpkin/வெள்ளை பூசணிக்காய்
  14. Beetroot/பீட்ரூட்
  15. Sambar Pumpkin/சாம்பார் பூசணிக்காய்
  16. Kalla Manga/கள்ள மாங்காய்
  17. OOrutu Manga/உருட்டு மாங்காய்
  18. Potato/உருளைக்கிழங்கு
  19. Coconut/தேங்காய்
  20. Green Chilli/பச்சை மிளகாய்
  21. Cauliflower/காலிஃபிளவர்
  22. Green Brinjal/கத்தரிக்காய் பச்சை
  23. Blue Brinjal/கத்தரிக்காய் நீலம்
  24. Banana Thar/வாழை தார்
  25. Curry Leaves/கறிவேப்பிலை
  26. Gourd/புடலங்காய்
  27. Coriander/கொத்தமல்லி
  28. Radish/முள்ளங்கி
  29. Ginger/இஞ்சி
  30. Butter Beans/பட்டர் பீன்ஸ்
  31. Cabbage/முட்டை கோஸ்
  32. Green Peas/பச்சை பட்டாணி
  33. Bitter Gourd/பாகற்காய்
  34. Nookal/நூக்கல்
  35. Chaw Chaw/சவ்சவ்
  36. Kovakkai/கோவக்காய்
  37. Cluster Beans/கொத்தவரங்காய்
  38. Gooseberry/நெல்லிக்காய்
  39. Narthangai/நார்த்தங்காய்
  40. Cucumber/வெள்ளரிக்காய்
  41. Garlic/வெள்ளை பூண்டு
  42. Gourd/பீர்க்கங்காய்
  43. Small Tuber/சிறு கிழங்கு
  44. Colocasia/சேப்பங்கிழங்கு
  45. Soya beans/சோயா பீன்ஸ்
  46. Butter Soya/பட்டர் சோயா
  47. Senai Kilangu/சேனை கிழங்கு
  48. Karunai Kilangu/கருணைக்கிழங்கு
  49. Drumstick beans/முருங்கை பீன்ஸ்
  50. Mangai Inji/மாங்காய் இஞ்சி

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