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Buy and Sell Directly Your Suppliers at is famous for quick and most generic updates about all happening at Oddanchatram Vegetable Market. This website is immersed as a most happening hand for the small business owners especially in the vegetable market where people are willing to buy or sell any commodity.

One the basic problem people face is to contact buyers or sellers in particular area. If you want to keep your heads away from traveling and have fewer references then this is definitely one of the more time-consuming activities. People often have a problem in finding right suppliers for their products and trust factor is often less and most of the timework has been done on credit basis. If you are a supplier or an exporter of your own then you may understand the pain involved in the whole process. understand your pain and come up with the idea of maintaining an online market forum where buyers and sellers can contact to each other without any hassle and discuss their terms. This place makes sure people can discuss and sell their product directly to the end party and minimize the extra cost which occurs due to the presence of middleman. There is a huge margin which is occupied by the people who facilitate buyers and sellers and due to this end farmers who work hard get the lower price of their product as they have to manage the margins of the middleman.  Besides the price issue there is also a communication gap and sometimes vegetables are being dumped in between and this leads to the hike in price that is a huge load on common people.

In order to address this problem, an open marketplace is introduced by, which aims to help both parties. You can check be a part of our community and this involves no extra cost. You can sign up on our website to use this forum and post your thread which can be seen by thousands of our users. In case you are an exporter and want big customer then all you need to do is to showcase your services and addressed the need for new customers. People who are interested can directly contact you and by spending no further cost you can get new customers on board.

Selling your Product made Easy

There are also people who are willing to sell their products and sometimes they did not get the right price for their product. has a system where you can check the updated price daily. We do all hard work for you to get an updated price list for 50+ vegetables daily onwards an upload them to the website where anyone can see it and get the idea for the day. You can check the price list accordingly you can discuss the buyers about your products.  You will possibly be getting the right price for your products. Thousands of farmers who come here to sell their product in bulk this updated price list help them to a great extent. Now finding the right buyer or seller is not a time-consuming task. You can do it by sitting at your home.

Biggest advantage of this forum is this comes up with zero cost for a user. You do not have to pay anything to be part of this system. You can keep on responding threads and keep digging for your right supplier or consumer. This marketplace has huge business possibilities and people can save a huge time by spending 10 minutes a day.

Being an active user of this form you agree to our terms and we have full right to restrict your access in case you to violate any of them. Purpose of this forum is to, maintain quality discussion, which could so value addition to our users. 

In case of any query, you contact our support team we are here to help you to great extent.

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