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Shop Name Tender Coconut Suppliers
Phone Number  –
Shop Address Tender Coconut Suppliers, Nalapaar Road, Bharaci Street, Coimbatore Road, Pollachi Ho
Location Pollachi
Shop Name Gokul Farms
Phone Number  –
Shop Address No 19, Chatram Street, Pollachi Bazaar,642001
Location Pollachi
Shop Name Tirupur Farms
Phone Number  –
Shop Address Ponnalamman Thurai Road, Pollachi Ho, Ettithurai Pirivu Kaliapuram Post, 642001
Location Pollachi
Shop Name Kathir Kalliamman Coconut Mundy
Phone Number  –
Shop Address No 1/16, Kaaniyalampalayam, Kakadavoo, Kinathukadavu, 642109
Location Pollachi
Shop Name Tamilnadu Tech
Phone Number  –
Shop Address 41, Nethaji Road, Pollachi Ho, 642001
Location Pollachi

Contacts Us for Coconut Export and Imports: +91-88709 54069 (Kalimuthu), Oddanchatram Market. Coconut Wholesalers 

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By Nathan December 10, 2014 23:49
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  1. anil July 12, 11:55

    i am from dhamtari chhattisgarh.i want one truck coconut bag.please give me actual price per bag with transporting.

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    • R.Saraswathi September 7, 17:03

      Anil ji, i am SRG Exports R.Saraswati from pollachi, we wil offer Cocount at best price, transport yu have to bear. Pl ct me whatapp 8220274600

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    • Joe Dias February 16, 11:20

      HI Anil jiI am from Sukantifresh we are Suppliers and Exporters of finest Quality of Semi-husked, Fully Husked, Grade A Organic Coconuts sourced from choicest farms directly, Weight of Coconut above 450 – 500 gms.

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  2. Haroon August 28, 13:33

    We are Semi Husked and Dry Coconut Exporters.
    Export Suppliers and Wholesalers and Farmers Contact us.We will meet you in person and develop a business relation between us.We are Genuine Exporters and Also expect the same kind of Suppliers .Who are capable of giving a competetive market price
    call me 0 888 308 7878

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  3. Gautam September 22, 21:27

    Hi i am from Gurgaon I need full truck of tender coconut on regular basis let me know the price

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  4. ABHISHEK SINGH September 28, 12:15

    I want to buy 9000 coconut brown colour what is the cost and I want to resale from bihar what will be transport charge

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    • Vembu October 1, 20:17

      Please contact me for Coconuts and Tender Coconuts. Phone/WhatsApp:+919566532332

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    • Rajkumar October 8, 23:28

      Hello sir, im raj from pollachi, I can supply coconuts on regular basis. we provide a large amount of coconut varieties all around customers. plz contact 8508297035 or watsapp me.

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    • siva November 8, 16:31

      hai we can supply tender coconut 9000 nos. transport charge for 21 tonnes track rs 95000

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  5. Rego October 8, 18:11

    Hi I’m Anand from theni in tamilnadu. please contact me for tender coconut.. my whatsapp number – +919894081118

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    • jc November 7, 11:58

      Hi sir I’m chandru from Pollachi I want Cocknut good quantity dry Cocknut for copra purpose my contact. 8344531062

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      • Nathan Author November 8, 09:56

        Hello, contact us at – +91-88709 54069 (Kalimuthu), Oddanchatram Vegetable Market. Time – 9 AM – 9 PM

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  6. Himanshu October 12, 20:00

    Hello … I want 100 pieces of cocnut daily basis tender coconut ..i want to start business in mumbai ..please tell me price per piece and about transport …

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  7. ponnuram October 21, 14:52

    i need 200 coconut pieces every 15 days once kindly tell me price ( Pollachi coconut)

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    • Vinoth November 2, 22:46

      hi ponnuram,

      nice to hear this from you.
      we can provide as per your requirement. but you didn’t mention where the location.
      please contact us for the details

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  8. Anna November 6, 23:09

    I am santosh from nashik I want to bay green coconut on regular basis one truck twice in a week pl tell me what is rate of coconut in holsale market,

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    • samudhra November 7, 10:19

      Mr.Anna, we can supply tender coconut . country variety rs 14 per piece (250 ml water) hibread variety rs 20 (500 ml water) pollachi (near Coimbatoer, tamil nadu) transport extra condact 09585015951 -shiva

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    • samudhra November 7, 10:24

      hai, we cah supply tender coconut . country variety Rs 13. high bread rs 20. contact 09585015951 . shiva

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    • Thunai January 23, 15:19

      There are two varities of coconut
      1. One is yellowish with red small 250ml water- Its not much available due to low rainfall.

      2. Green Hybrid 500< water -Is available in our farm costing Rs. 21 per coconut.

      7598622441, 7092183441
      A part of atozexportsandimport
      Pollachi, Tamilnadu, India

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    • R.Saraswati September 7, 17:16

      Sir ji, we are ready to supply, tender coconut pl quote yyr expecting price mail us ravisargunam@yahoo.com

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  9. Naveen November 15, 22:18

    Supply of regular tender coconut 6000.. Small size coconut 250ml rs.14/-per piece.
    Large size coconut 550ml rs.20/- per coconut.
    Anyboby in need please contact Naveen kumar 8675309993 Pollachi..
    Mail- nk772995@gmail.com.

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  10. Naren November 23, 13:27

    Hello Team,

    This is Naren From Chennai, i wanted to start a tender coconut business in chennai. My initial requirement might be 10,000 coconuts a week. Kindly send me the prices for country coconuts (>=250ml) as well as hybrid or yellow or bigger size coconuts(.=500ml).

    I would like to know what will be the shelf life of tender coconut without trimming or cutting…?

    You can email the details to itsnarendrame@gmail.com

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  11. Prashant December 21, 10:19

    Hi, I am looking for supplier on a regular basis for the supply of trimmed tender coconut and the delivery location is in Mumbai, share your contact details asap.

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  12. Vasu bhai January 5, 22:31

    We have coconut 400gms to 450gms husked brown matured for sale @ Theni farm interested party please call us @ 9324378910 Vasu bhai dakshin trading company WhatsApp 8169835277 very low rate hurry 50 tons remaining first come first serve

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  13. Sarffu January 17, 19:40

    Hi, Anyone need pollachi tender coconut load on daily basis ..contact … sarfup4u@gmail.com

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  14. Karthik January 21, 18:04


    Can anyone let me know d latest price of tender coconut for a ton.. am looking for regular business.. pls msg me price details to my number or watsapp me @ 9047452835.

    Do send d price for both green and brown.


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  15. Manoj January 25, 14:40

    Hi.I’m MANOJ KUMAR from Pollachi ., I sell tender coconuts and coconuts with good quality. If any one need tender coconuts or coconuts call me. My mobile number 876038973

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  16. Jeetu February 25, 11:42

    I want tender coconut apprx 8000 – 12000 pcs every week at mumbai. Gv me rate with transporration & without transportation. Call me on 09819509070

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  17. Shiva kumar February 25, 15:29

    Hi i am from vellore Dt.I need 1000nos of tender coconut on regular basis let me know the price.p la contact me 9750464354

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  18. Shiva kumar February 25, 15:32

    Hi i am from vellore,tamilnadu. I need 1000 nos of tender coconut on regular basis let me know the price

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  19. Siva March 9, 19:59

    Hi.iam siva from Pollachi ( tamilnadu)
    I have trimmed and non trimmed tender coconut. Any one need contact my mob num.
    Mail I’d.. sivayagav@gmail.com

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  20. Balaji March 14, 22:40

    We have a coir pith source in Pollachi. Saturated, Unsaturated.
    Call: 9042221241

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  21. B.krishnan April 26, 22:48

    Hello sir,welcome.I am B.Krishnan,pollachi.(COCONUT DEVLOPMENT BOARD MEMBER).I am ready to supply (all over india & foreign countries) tender coconut,coconut & semi husked coconuts.Pl contact my cell no-9443185340,my company web add-www.atozexportsandimports.com,mail id-coconutsexport@gmail.com,thank you.

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  22. Krishna June 16, 15:17

    We are glad to inform that”KK Farm” has features in an article of “Fresh plaza” which is European countries, which features best organics​ farm products.
    We are looking in Indian organic exporter for international associates.

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  23. Krishan October 27, 18:53

    We need regular basis of tender coconut water in Delhi. So please provide the details ,quotation with transport. You can call @ 09911772237.

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  24. Karthik October 28, 20:48

    Hi I am Karthik from Salem,
    I like to start tender coconut business in my area. We the young generation need an unique business model of tender coconut business. If anybody doing in unique way. Please let us know. We will try to collaborate.
    Thanks and regards

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  25. achus November 15, 14:02

    i need 500 ml tender coconut daily 2000 pcs
    in kannur kerala. anybody have pls give me best quotation.
    kannur kerala

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  26. Saravanan Ramaraj February 26, 16:12

    Hi friends this is saravanan from chennai we need 10000 nos tender coconut daily high breed or country breed send me the quote for piece thank you

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    • Shri Traders July 7, 14:44

      Having (10+ acers)1000+ coconut tree organically maintained …ready for seasonal crop…in vellore district Tamilnadu. If so let me know shall take it up further.

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  27. Karthi January 4, 12:14

    Hi, I need tender coconut supplies for my shop on a regular basis which located in Chennai Tambaram. Please let me know the quote per piece. Thank you

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  28. kannan March 7, 13:15

    i want three pattai coconut .per piece wait 500gram to 600grams total number per order 28000 .if u any have please contact me my number is 9500006094

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